The AcupuncturistAmanda Miller Acupuncturist

Amanda Miller, L.Ac.

Amanda earned her BA in Cutural Anthropology at CSU Long Beach and it was there she developed an interest in alternative and complementary medicine. After reading the ethnography, Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice by Mark J. Plotkin she became fascinated with the curative powers of herbal medicinals and decided to pursue a career in Chinese Medicine. Amanda enrolled in the master’s program at Five Branches University, San Jose.
Her academic training allowed her to further explore her interest in herbology and introduced her to the world of acupuncture. During the 2248 hours of didactic instruction and 960 hours of clinical training Amanda was able to explore various specialties and styles of acupuncture, such as Dr. Tan’s Balance Method.
Her favorite experience during her time at Five Branches was interning at the Veteran’s Clinic, which provided free treatments to our nation’s vets. While most of these patients were being treated for chronic pain she discovered that acupuncture also had a profound impact on their mental and emotional well-being.
Amanda utilizes all facets of Chinese medicine including acupuncture, herbs, moxibustions, cupping, gua sha, and diet and lifestyle modification. She is certified in Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture and comes from a background of fertility and women’s health.
In her free time she enjoys cooking, exercising, camping and reading tons of science fiction and fantasy.


Jenna Hur, L.Ac.

Jenna has always been fascinated with holistic medicine. Growing up she would watch her mother incorporate different Eastern remedies for ailments such as the common cold, coughs, stomachaches, and so on. The success of these remedies fueled a curiosity that allowed her to explore Eastern Medicine in depth as she completed 2248 hours of didactic instruction and 960 hours of clinical training. She received her Masters in Eastern Medicine at Five Branches University, San Jose. She is currently enrolled in the doctorate program as well.

She had the opportunity to work closely with PTST, pain management, stroke rehabilitation, fertility, insomnia, stress, and women’s health. She finds it most rewarding to be able to help people optimize their health and improve their quality of life.

Her hobbies include hiking, gardening, cooking, and discovering new travel destinations.