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Custom Orthotics

Your Feet are the foundation of your entire skeleton.


If your feet are not support properly, your body will form weaknesses in its skeletal structure. This results in pain and suffering. It's like a building that will eventually have cracks in it's walls if the foundation is not laid properly. Most of the time, your feet aren't the weekest point of your skeleton.

Orthotics Keep Your Feet in a Neutral Position

The doctors recomend foot orthotics because they will help to correctly realign the bones of your feet. Foot orthotics prescrived by the doctor give you proper support and help restore the natural balance and alignment of your body.

Foot orthotics prescribed by the doctor also help make your spinal adjustments more3 effective and longer lasting.

Pronation or Supination of the foot can be major contributors to Osteoarthritis of the weight bearing joints and misaligment of vertebrae.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease. That means it will never get better, and is likely to get worse over time. Osteoarthritis is a wear and tear disease causing pain and imobility due to wearing away of cartilage in the joint. It's commonly found in the weight bearing joints: ankles, knees and hip. When pronation or supination is diagnosed, a correctly fetted foot orthotic fitted by your doctor along with chiropractic care can help eliminate the start or slow down the progreass ot this debilitationg condition.

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