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Dr. Mory is fabulous & I highly recommend her. I love her Holistic approach integrating, chiropractic care, physical therapy & massage. I was in a lot of pain, with her help I'm strengthening my core & feeling better. I realized I wasn't always doing my expercises correctly at the gym which was causing me more pain! They have a gym & massage on site. Wonderful staff, the entire team works together to provide exceptional service.

Terri T.

I had a few sessions of the body adjustment and physical evaluation with Doctor M. Noorivaziri. She is fantastic, very friendly and helpful to find what the miss-comfort was. She works exactly on the pain area to help me back to my sports activities and my daily routine. She uses cutting edge technology to find the cause of your pain. Also this facility has many highly skilled masseuses and a fully equipped gym with great training.
I would highly recommend for you to go see her for your physical evaluation.

Parviz J.

Only have good things to say...Dr. Mori is amazing and incredibly sweet. Got the initial x-ray that they recommend and found out that I have arthritis in my lower back. Something that would not have been detected had I not done it and would only have gotten worse over the years. I am only 34 years old but had recently started to experience lower back pain especially after minor tasks such as cleaning. Dr. Mori put me on a regimen of routine adjustments and massages, combined with physical therapy exercises to help strengthen my back and core. My back has improved significantly thus far. More impressively, after an oversight with the insurance, she honored the initial stated price. I would not have been able to receive this chiropractic care that I desperately needed without this consideration. For that, I am extremely grateful. Most doctors and offices would not do the same- I was very impressed!

Have also had good experiences with my massages and the therapists. Anna is amazing, very sweet and knowledgeable. She also offers advice on stretches, posture, etc.

Desiree M.

I have been coming here for 5 weeks now. The staff is always very friendly and nice. Dr. Mory is very knowledgeable and she was able to work with me since my insurance doesn't cover much to develop a one year treatment plan that was affordable. The physical training and adjustments have helped so much, my back and neck feel so much better already. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mory.

Amy W.

I am new to the chiropractic and message experience but everyone at Beyond Chiropractic has been great to me. I've always for some reason have had a long time fear of chiropractors primarily because of the potential damage they have the ability to cause. Therefore, I've allowed my condition to get worse over time. Needless to say, I was very nervous at my first treatment but everyone I came into contact with was very friendly and professional. Dr. M. Noorivaziri is the best! She is very knowledgeable, gentle, and patient. She not only cares about my back and bones, but my overall health and fitness which she says will help me get stronger on my road to recovery. She always explains everything to me up front and in detail. She also takes the time to answer all of my questions. I am one that does not like to be touched by strangers but Dr. Noorivaziri has earned my trust and I feel very comfortable and safe each time I visit. She has what I've experienced to be safe and relatively pain free techniques (depending on my level of discomfort I come in with that day). She has rid me of my fear of chiropractors and I feel she is on track to riding me of my pains and discomforts. It's true that the x-rays are off-site, but are just a minutes away. I was able to receive an immediate appointment. I went straight over and took the x-rays. They were processed while I waited and then given to me. Like I said, I'm new to the chiropractic and message experience so I can't in good faith say that the treatment is the best because I have nothing to compare it to, but I am no stranger to great customer service and I can feel the progress she is making over time (specific to my medical needs). For those reasons, I drive from several cities away when I can easily go to someone closer to my house. I recommend Dr. M. Noorivaziri, Beyond Chiropractic. Good luck with your health and your decision.

Darron R.

I consider my self very lucky for finding this place. I started treatment with Dr. Maryam almost 2 months ago, and I am feeling great! (I am a runner with severe sciatic nerve pain) . She is so professional, gentle and strong at the same time. She will take the time to explain everything to you. They have a very nice office staff, always ready to help. I am pretty sure the others Doctors are also very good. I am so happy, that I am bringing my whole family for treatment.

Gaby G.

Dear Dr. Maryam Noorivaziri,
Earlier this year when I first came to see you, I wasn't able to do much due to constant tingling in my left arm. I wasn't sure what to expect but it has been an amazing journey. With your expert care the tingling in my arm went away in about a month!! It was unbelievable but true, I am feeling better and energized!!!
I really appreciate the constant care provided by you and Beyond Chiropractic.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season with happiness & prosperity throughout the coming year.

Punam S.


Just wanted to thank you for your kindness and gentile ways in the provision of your care. You are very easy to approach and your kind caring knowledgeable approach does not go unnoticed. So far I've experienced a little more relief with each treatment. I came for chiropractic care with a bit of hesitancy and your professional approach has allayed those concerns. It will now be an integral part of my training and medical approach.

I've also enjoyed getting to know you a little at my visits.

Gary Alan Goldman DDS MD
Medical Director OB Anesthesia

I was in extreme pain when I called Beyond Chiropractic. Dr. Noorivaziri saw me on short notice and after spending about an hour with me, my pain had reduced significantly and I had gained back a great deal of flexibility. Now having completed my second session with Dr. Noorivaziri, I am feeling much better and the pain continues to subside. Her friendly, professional, gentle approach is wonderful. It is unbelievable how much I have improved and how much better I feel after just two sessions with Dr. Noorivaziri. Beyond Chiropractic has treated me very well and I will continue as patient with them for a long time. Thank you Beyond Chiropractic!

Steve S.

“If you have any reason to see a Chiropractor, make sure that you visit Dr. Maryam Noorivaziri ! She is a skilled professional with the tools to help you heal and feel well again. Maryam and her staff are polite and responsive. They work around your schedule, so office visits are always convenient for you !”

Michael S.

"I just got back from winning my division in the 2009 California State Sporting Clays Championship. This is a shooting sport, where the object is to use a shotgun to break moving clay targets.
I placed 1st in the AA Division, winning the two-day Main Event.
Thank you Dr. Noorivaziri for fixing the issues with my knees and (more recently) my back and shoulders. I look forward to continuing to see you for diet and nutrition advice in an effort to improve my sports performance."

Henry H.

My lower back has been locked up since last August. Dr. Maryam unlocked my lower back on my first visit! I can lay comfortably on my back again! No more sciatica! I am a very happy girl!!!

Joy. C

I love coming in here, everyone is so nice. Dr. Baloyra is wonderful, every adjustment I get I feel better. The massage therapists have magical hands, it has done so good to my body. I feel more relaxed, my body is more even and my pain is getting better.

Dr. Baloyra is a miracle worker - headaches are gone with consistent visits and great adjustments. Nick is the master of massage - instinctual and knowing.